Efficient way of managing Warehouse

Store & Distribute

Store & distribute goods smarter. Achieve an increased visibility into movement and upkeep of your inventory, purchase orders, invoices, and contracts.


• Store & distribute goods smarter. Transform your storage & distribution system into a competitive advantage with LEOS ERP.

• Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports for specific warehouses within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fingertips.

• System gives advanced Stock Enquiry options for both centralised & Branch-wise Stock.

• Stock Transfer functionalities (Inter-Branch Transfer).

• Knowing exactly what you have and where it’s located is critical to managing stock, avoiding high carrying cost and shipping orders to customers efficiently and on time. System allows storage in Zone & Bin allocations for Inventory.

• Solution provides help to decrease dead stock. The software tracks sales patterns and inventory movements throughout their whole lifecycle. t can help analyse historical data and support forecasting and inventory purchases. This means you can make smarter, more informed decisions on how much stock to buy. When you buy smarter amounts, you avoid the risk of dead stock being left on your shelves.

• Lots of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are perishable or have expiration dates that need to be managed properly. For instance, when food spoils, there is a huge loss in investment and potential profits. System can help track the expiration of your inventory items. This means it can alert you when certain goods need to get off your inventory shelves and into the hands of your consumers.


  • Sudhesh Kumar

    Sales Manager / Niche Marketting LLC, Dubai

    Delighted to inform you that we are extremely happy with your Accounting Software- LEOS ERP. Its easy & a step ahead than the package we had. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend this product to my circle.

  • Satheesh K

    Senior Consultant / JETZ Enterprises LLC, UAE

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  • A C Sreedhar

    Managing Director / Modern Pest Control LLC, Dubai

    I am proud to say that after using "DOQWIN" & "LEOS ERP"- two prestigious software products of CARJET ERP, my ROI and CRM has increased tremendously

  • Mahesh Bhatia

    Financial Consultant / Kamal Holdings

    No more worries with VAT. Our sincere gratitude to the most credible team- "Pydisoft" for bringing happiness in each and everyone's face in the firm.

  • Deepak M

    Marketing Manager / Dyna Technologies LLC, Dubai

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  • Jayakrishnan G

    IT Admin / KAC Constructions LLC, UAE

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