Efficient way of managing MEP Contracting

Efficient Estimation Functionalities

Use highly efficient estimation functions which gives your options to create job estimation both category & sub-category wise. Provides well defined options for creating both Initial & Detailed Estimation(BOQ).The Estimated Budget will be tightly controlled within the system with flexibility to change materials specification withing the approved budget. There option to integrate all the currently running projects skipping the estimation stages & just entering the budget for each category

Well Structure Planning Module

The System has a highly structured & advanced planning functionalities which has three main levels categorized as Milestone, WBS(Work Breakdown Structure) and Activity. The system incorporates major link types offered in most planning tools like SS(Start-to-Start),SF(Start-To-Finish),FS(Finish-to-Start), FF(Finish-To-Finish).

Dynamic Execution Functionalities

LEOS provide real-time execution functionalities to view the activity status & have options for Material, Manpower,Sub-Contract & Equipment request during execution.Each request can be controlled with well-defined approval workflows

BI(Business Intelligence):

• The system provides advanced reporting tools with Projects Graphs & Monitoring tools. For example, via charts and summary tables, dashboards can highlight key performance indicators such as activity cycle time and revenue per category or summarize compliance and execution milestones.

• Reports and dashboards should offer click-through access to view supporting records. Besides its value to operational performance and compliance, reporting often reveals would-be problems in time to take remedial action and can significantly reduce the resources spent on audits


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