Efficient way of managing your Business Growth

All your customers data in one place

LEOS CRM, Speed, Intelligence, and Personalization - the solution is practical and very userfreindy and data rich. Primary Contact is the beginning of the Customer journey, be it a website enquiry, Telephone call, email enquiry, SMS , Campaigns, Advertisements and Social Media (FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.,) Let it be any Source or channel, capturing and storing the information in one place is Important.

Sell faster with everything you need on one screen - Customer 360

Sell Faster with Customer 360 degree view at one screen all the customer information, number of leads, number of Successful leads, Followups , Generated Revenue etc.,

Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time selling

All your information is organized and automated, an efficient tool to guide you and focus more on sales rather than spending on spreadsheets and other paper work

Close deals fast — Convert to Opportunity

Communicator, Alerts, Calendar, Schedule Management, email integration , all-in-one solution from raw leads till deal closure

Collaborative and Sales Team management

Are you having one sales person in your team or having 100s of sales personal across the globe with multiple sales teams and multiple products, our solution is robust and can enhance the collaboration and automation

Lead Verification Process

Received Raw Leads from various channels required the Validation process and all rejected leads should go to trash, as there may be fake entries that are popped in without proper contact information

Lead Qualification Process

A process that is pre screening of leads with set-up questionnaire to pass the criteria to become a valid Lead

You will Never lose your way

With enhanced follow-up, Response and Action process the system will guide you that you will never lose your way


  • Sudhesh Kumar

    Sales Manager / Niche Marketting LLC, Dubai

    Delighted to inform you that we are extremely happy with your Accounting Software- LEOS ERP. Its easy & a step ahead than the package we had. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend this product to my circle.

  • Satheesh K

    Senior Consultant / JETZ Enterprises LLC, UAE

    With a positive, assortive attitude of the Pydisoft Technologies team, I am sure that nothing can hold them back

  • A C Sreedhar

    Managing Director / Modern Pest Control LLC, Dubai

    I am proud to say that after using "DOQWIN" & "LEOS ERP"- two prestigious software products of CARJET ERP, my ROI and CRM has increased tremendously

  • Mahesh Bhatia

    Financial Consultant / Kamal Holdings

    No more worries with VAT. Our sincere gratitude to the most credible team- "Pydisoft" for bringing happiness in each and everyone's face in the firm.

  • Deepak M

    Marketing Manager / Dyna Technologies LLC, Dubai

    The days are hazzle-free after we got "LEOS ERP" And I can see tension less colleagues in the firm. "Pydisoft", we owe you a big thank you...

  • Jayakrishnan G

    IT Admin / KAC Constructions LLC, UAE

    You have all proven that you are not only capable but excellent sales people too. I am proud of your accomplishments and know that nothing can hold back motivated individuals who have an excellent product to sell.